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Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural marketing is the act of marketing to a different culture than the one associated with your location, or marketing to multiple different cultures. As globalization increases so does immigration and trade. This makes multicultural marketing very important. In order to grow your business you must understand the different cultures and languages of people in your country as well as countries you are marketing too, especially the ones who have a different cultural background than your own.

So how do you connect with customers of various cultures?

Start by getting to know who your target market is. Where are they from? What cultures are they a part of? What language do they speak? What are some traditions of these cultures? You can learn the answers to all of these by communicating with consumers, researching cultures, hosting focus groups, and conducting interviews.

After understanding your target market, view how their cultures tie into your company goals, and company culture. Don’t change your company to fit the different cultures, just change the way your message will be sent or received by that culture since your company is more than likely going to be doing business with many.

Next, you must establish the message and form of marketing that best fits your company and target market culture. This must be consistent and authentic so that your message is truly genuine to the consumer. This will create a strong first impression, as well as trust.

Now that you have the basics of multicultural marketing it’s time to get to work! Remember that you can create more than one message and form of marketing for each culture you want to connect with.


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