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A No-Limits Marketing Agency

Your branding is not just your logo, website, business card or storefront - it's a combination of everything you do in the public eye. It's your personality. It's what your customers think and feel about your company.  If you want customers to perceive you as THE place to shop, you need your branding to be unique. So you need to build a brand that will make your company stand out. Of course, we all know the mega-brands such as Apple, Nike, or Coca Cola - but small companies can also develop potent brands and market them successfully. How? Give us a call or email us, and we'll help you do it!


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We give your business its voice

As a boutique branding and advertising agency in Dana Point, California we work closely with our clients to define and develop their identity, position, and presence in their marketplace. We help our clients establish their individual brand voice and get that brand voice talking loud and clear. 

We at Bare Bones Marketing LLC  build partnerships with our clients by carefully listening and understanding their values and goals. Based on that, we work with them creating a unique brand and the necessary marketing materials and tools to bring that brand across. 

No matter the size of our clients' business, we can create a brand for the solo entrepreneur or the large mid-size company. 

To make sure we would be a good fit, we always do a free marketing consultation. Give us a call today!


Creativity that ignites curiosity 

Our graphic design work is based on what your business is all about. Before we do one single (digital) brushstroke, we listen to what you and your business are all about. Nobody knows your business, products, and services better than you. Based on your input, we create the material to ignite the curiosity in the recipient. No matter if it is a logo, a brochure, a poster, or any other marketing material. 

We work very closely with you and take your input very seriously. We pride ourselves to 'get' our clients and the results are visible in our graphic design work. 

Let's talk about your marketing material needs and we even give you a first draft for free - just so you see how we roll!




• design

• development

• positioning & strategy

• brand voice

• digital & real life presences


• logos
• brand identities 
• advertising
• brochures/catalogs
• direct promotion


• consulting
• strategic & media planning
• market research
• competitive landscape
• business analysis


• print design
• packaging design
• direct mail
• ads
• posters, flags, banners

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