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Promotional Items

Thousands of items - Put your logo on it!

We work with an extensive network of manufacturers for promotional items. We provide great prices and personalized service to help you find the right Swag! 

Original and Unique

Businesses of all sizes should understand the effect that promotional products have on consumers. People are more likely to remember your business after receiving ‘gifts’ and help you take up space in a competitive market. Bare Bones Marketing provides high-quality products and branding to have that ever-lasting effect on your customers. Gifts to business partners or other local businesses are also a great low-cost yet effective way to promote your business. 

Products ranging from apparel, tote bags, backpacks, mugs, tumblers, face masks, hand sanitizers, binders, notepads, pens, portable chargers, pens, food, and SO much more will help you with every occasion. 

Transforming Brands 

Being a business comes with its own set of duties, and sometimes you need to remind your clients that you are a company that they can rely on. Keeping your clients intrigued and making them feel appreciated is important to us at Bare Bones. We feel that one of the best ways to do that is with promotional products or business gifts. We can be your one-stop shop by having an extensive range of products to gift to your clients or business partners. From apparel to PPE to office stationery items! 

Bare Bones Marketing offers high-quality items and fast delivery times that are suitable for any budget. Are you not sure where to start or what kind of products you need? Don’t worry about that! Tell us what the occasion is and we will brainstorm with you to give you ideas on what we think will fit your needs and achieve your goals.


Let's find the right Swag for your business

 We understand that it may be difficult to choose the right products that reach your marketing goals but also want to have a personal touch. Marketing can be so hard-core and straight to the point, which is effective, but with promotional items, the goals might be slightly different. Consumers like to feel like they are being appreciated for their loyalty and business and that they have a relationship with your brand or business.


Bare Bones Marketing has its very own experts who are fit to reach your goals, no matter what the occasion. Let our experts take off a load of stress and do the brainstorming for you to make this a much smoother and faster process. 

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