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Food Styling
Food Styling

How we can help.

With a medium as sensitive as food, it takes a culinary expert who understands the ins and outs of ingredients along with the visual effects food can have on purchasing decisions.


Bare Bones Marketing partnered with world-renowned German food stylist, chef, and author, Andreas Miessmer - to help set your photography above the competition’s, ultimately getting more people through your door.


Whether you have your own photographer or would like to use one of ours, we are here to walk you through your marketing or advertising needs.


Reach out today and we’ll create the perfect package for all of your marketing needs.

Why Food Styling.

Food styling is the specialized craft of meticulously arranging food in an artistic manner. In photography, food stylists help transmit flavors and textures through pictures, giving consumers a taste of what restaurants, markets, or grocers have to offer. Often, these artists are chefs with a passion for design, who pair with photographers to create mouth-watering images.

We're proud to now offer our professional food styling services so that your marketing material will not just keep up with industry standards -- it'll exceed them!

Food Styling
Food Styling

Meet Andreas

We're here to connect you with one of the most sought-after culinary experts in Europe.

Andreas Miessmer Food Styling
Andreas Miessmer Food Styling

Andreas Miessmer discovered his passion for the culinary arts at a young age and has built an extensive and diverse career working with food. His many years of experience and successful work in gastronomy has made him a highly sought-after food stylist.


After graduating from cooking school, Andreas expanded his knowledge of the kitchen through working as a chef at several highly rated restaurants in Germany. He started his career as a food stylist and author in 1991, collaborating with Christian Teubner to develop the culinary book series "Das grosse Buch vom..." (which translates to "The Great Book of...") that outlines recipes and food styling techniques in the subject volumes of vegetables, game, poultry, and fruit. Many books have followed since!

Andreas lives in the Dreiländereck (the corner where Germany, Switzerland and France meet) with his wife and three children and continues to pursue his passion for the culinary arts, primarily through food styling. He serves as a managing partner of Teubner Foodfoto GmbH & Co. and runs his own culinary school alongside food filmmaker, Jan Rieff.

Andreas Miessmer Food Styling

His Work

His Clients

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