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Key Benefits Of Using Pinterest As Your Digital Marketing Tool

Pinterest is surely less popular compared to Facebook and Instagram but it could be your one of the most effective digital marketing tool if you can leverage its full potential. If you think of it as only a visually focused social platform, you might be wrong.

social media marketing austin
social media marketing austin

As mentioned by Forbes on August 1st, 2019, the revenue of Pinterest rose by a whopping 62% that beat the predicted growth by around $30 million. If this statistic doesn’t seem enough for you to be convinced to use Pinterest, keep on reading this post as we’re going to discuss the most important benefits this platform could bring your way.

Why Pinterest should be a part of your digital marketing strategy?

Without any further ado, here’re the top five reasons to use this cool photography database.

1. Extreme browsability: One of the biggest advantages of using Pinterest is here users can fully immerse themselves in a robust community experience which is completely visual. And when the huge majority of our population possesses a mobile phone with high-end cameras, the photo-driven culture can be leveraged to present your product or service in front of the world without writing anything.

2. Increased possibilities: It’s important to note that in Pinterest, compared to other social media platforms, pins get to have a longer marketing life. Once you pin something, the content gets repined and keeps on bringing you rewards in terms of engaging your target audience and drawing them to your site. Also, this often generates a series of valuable messages that communicate your brand’s core values without typically mentioning any of the products/services. This type of messaging can easily deepen your connection with customers and prospects.

3. Improved brand awareness: With the help of a personalized Pinterest business page, you can promote your brand’s values and personality to both your present and potential customers. When you become an engaging and active business on this platform, you can strategically increase your brand’s exposure through valuable content. It not only leads to engaging more users but helps to boost your brand awareness as well. But to leverage this advantage fully, active participation in the Pinterest community is a must. You’ve to keep patience in order to find your target audience and keep them engaged by posting useful content on a regular basis and the rest of the users will come naturally.

4. Improved website traffic: Another solid advantage of Pinterest is that it comes with a strong potential for traffic generation. You’d be able to incorporate a direct link to your website with each of your pins. By using this effectively, you can easily experience a considerable increase in your website traffic.

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5. Improved search engine rankings: Similar to Google, Pinterest also encompasses the use of keywords. It means, by incorporating the correct keywords in your pins, you can improve your search rankings both on Google and Pinterest. Ideally, you should employ SEO best practices to develop your audience, your website traffic, and organic ranking.

Summing it up

Despite the reputation of Pinterest as being a social media platform focused heavily on food and makeup pictures, it can be a highly effective avenue when done right. So, remember to create boards filled with content that not only offer visual appeal but value to the audience as well. You don’t necessarily need to be a master of arts and crafts but your content has to be something that your audiences find valuable (like an answer to an important question or solves a problem).

If you still need some help in leveraging the full potential of Pinterest, you can contact the digital marketing experts at Bare Bones Marketing through phone at 512-571-2296 or email at to pave the way to your digital success.


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