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Austin's Local Social Media

Making content

At Bare Bones Marketing we love social media, we create content, and we grow companies through their social media presence. Now it’s time we give some appreciation to a few of our favorite Austin, Texas social media platforms created by local businesses. A few of our favorites include @daintyhooligan_austin and @zilkerbark. We hope they give you some social media inspiration!


@daintyhooligan_austin has very diverse content, while still channeling a consistent target market of college women. They post elegant pictures of their clothing, customers wearing their clothing at everyday events, relatable quotes, and fun pictures of puppies or landscapes that everyone enjoys. This diverse mixture keeps the follower entertained and coming back for more. Along with their content diversity they make sure to provide the consumer with the right information. The captions aren’t too long but will state the proper names of the clothing featured, or a call to action, or a short one line statement (typically with the fun pictures not capturing the clothing).


@zilkerbark does an amazing job with a consistent purpose and message, as well as with quality of photos. If you scroll through the Instagram account every picture contains a dog or a puppy along with a small blurb about the dog’s life. Content diversification is important and though his pictures may seem alike they are actually quite different. Every dog pictured is completely unique, therefore each post is completely unique yet consistent with his message that dogs are gorgeous animals with a story and personality of their own. He also does dog photo shoots in Austin, but doesn’t have to advertise that very much because people have fallen in love with his purpose and want him to be the one to capture their dog’s personality.

We hope that you check out these amazing Austin Instagram accounts and gather some ideas for your own business! When you know the type of social media presence your company needs Bare Bones Marketing will be there to create it for you, manage it for you, and ensure that it provides you with the results you are looking for.


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