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3 Ways to Professionally Use Snapchat

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It can be crazy to think that there is an app that shows a photo for a maximum of 10 seconds, and then vanishes! Yes, snapchat can be known as the "selfie" social media platform, but you would be surprised about how you can use it professionally. Here are a few functional ways to incorporate Snapchat into your business:

Capture live events

Have a product launch coming up and want to show customers how to use your new creation? Snapchat it! Having a live feed makes the customer feel closer to the product and your company, and helps them determine if it is indeed your product that they are wanting to buy. It's a win win situation!

Offer contests or promotions

Since people who own Snapchat are constantly checking it wanting to see what all of their friends are up to, it is likely that they will also check out what their favorite companies are doing. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to offer product promotions and discounts, and foster contents so your customer base can interact with each other and get more involved with your company.

Show customers around backstage

Going back to the idea of live content, Snapchat allows you to give your customers insight on what is going on behind the scenes. How is your product being made? What is the culture of your company like? Giving your customers information on these types of things makes them feel closer to your brand and probably more likely to purchase it!

We hope you have found these Snapchat tips to be helpful, and if you want to download it just visit the app store from your cell phone provider!

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