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How to Up Your Social Media Game

What's all this hype about social media? It allows friends to connect, people to follow their favorite companies, companies to interact with each other, and much much more. Additionally, different platforms serve for their own unique purposes, making the options for positing content endless. However, it can get hard to keep all of your social media accounts strong and different from others. Here are some tips on how to make your social media game the best it can be.

Mobile phone social media

Find your audience

Who is it that you are spending all this time creating content for? What is the crowd that you are trying to reach and convey a message to? If you are able to pinpoint a target audience, posting content will become all that easier, and you will have more specific guidelines on what to make. These audiences could be based on things like age, profession, or hobbies.

Create a monthly calendar

In order to ensure that your posts are consistent and spread apart, use a content calendar! This can help you easily keep track of what you are posting on each of your accounts at what time. A calendar can be as simple as print out from your computer, or a handwritten map on a scratch piece of paper.

Take advantage of features

Often, there are many features on social media platforms that we are not familiar with. Once you download a new platform, play around on it for a while! You might be surprised to find a free feature that you have no idea existed before that can help you promote a product or service.

Need help creating content and posting to all of your various social media accounts? Contact Bare Bones today for a social media quote, we are ready to help!

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