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Positive Marketing for a Positive Impact

Most marketing tactics trigger emotions in their targeted consumer. The problem with is that typically the emotions they trigger are negative ones. The consumer will leave the ad feeling jealous, out of place, angry, and even sad. Marketing strategies will tell the consumer they aren’t living life right without this product, or the world is ending unless they support a cause, and even that they haven’t been on a truly luxurious vacation before like the people they show on TV.

Emotions at work

At Bare Bones Marketing, we think it is time for a change. It is time for POSITIVE MARKETING! We want consumers to be exposed to our marketing strategies to feel good about themselves, be proud of their decision toward the company or product we expose them to, and maintain their confidence and self-esteem. What is positive marketing? It is marketing tactics that promote social good, and achieve a positive social impact.

Now you may ask how exactly can I achieve positive marketing?

  1. 1. Begin by deciding what positive emotion you want your consumer to take away from your marketing tactic.

  2. 2. Ensure that you are fully respecting your customer and their needs throughout the consumer buying process.

  3. 3. Make sure your marketing message instills confidence and empowerment in your customer.

  4. 4. Make sure your product or service is actually benefitting your customer in the way it is portrayed to.

We hope that you want your consumers to feel good about themselves and about the product or service you are marketing to them. Let us know how positive marketing strategies make a positive impact in your company!

Your Bare Bones Marketing Team

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