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HOTTEST Marketing Trends Right Now

Marketing guide

We all know the marketing industry is constantly changing. At times, it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, technology and research are here to help us! Here are some marketing trends that have proven to be quite popular in 2017.

One thing that a lot of companies are starting to focus more and more on is customer experience. Since it is so easy for customers to post negative (or positive) reviews online that can make or break a company, people are starting to care more what others think. They positivity, functionality, and pleasure to be associated with their brand, which starts with meeting customers needs and making them happy.

Trends of 2017

Another marketing technique common in 2017 is personalization. Sometimes, people can get bored with purchasing the same thing that the person next to them is also purchasing. Personalization promotes brands in a way that adds a special touch and sense of uniqueness. Customers want to stand out and be recognized as having opinions too, which is where personalization comes into play.

The last trend that continues to increase is social media marketing. If you aren't on any social media accounts, start making one now! Make your content stand out from others and tell a story about YOUR brand and what YOU are trying to sell. Additionally, it let's you engage with customers and control what they are saying about you online.

Here at Bare Bones, we have a passion for marketing! Contact us today with any of your needs, and we will be happy to help!

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