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Navigating Your Way through Marketing Trends in 2017

We help nagivate through your marketing battles

Ahoy there! 2016 was full of turbulent seas, but maybe you made it through on some strong sailing of your own. We’re already knee deep into 2017, so let’s take a bird’s eye view on what’s on the horizon in the marketing world for this New Year.

Mobile First

Mobile is becoming more and more important in the world of digital marketing, so focusing your business on mobile compatibility will be essential going forward. According to Google, more searches are conducted in the US on mobile than on a computer last year and 51% of smartphone users have discovered a new product or product when conducting a search on their smartphone.

Personalized Content

Relevant, quality, and personalized content is a key focus of marketers and businesses in 2017. Segmenting your customers and addressing their consumer behaviors, device preferences, and spending habits can lead to higher conversion rates. The two most popular approaches businesses use to create personalized marketing according to research from Forrester Consulting are:

  • Using data extracted from loyalty customer value programs to create relevant personalized offers

  • Using behavior-based data to develop the right content based on insights and emotions

Engage the Consumer

The days of quantity over quality is gone, thanks to rise of social media. Driving sales is not the only goal when devising a marketing strategy, something just as important is engagement with potential consumers and creating a brand experience for them. Studies show that audiences are more likely to respond to questions online they believe are directed specifically at them. Millenials make up the biggest section of the workforce and are interested in spending money on experiences more so than a good deal. A great example of engagement would be to look at what Wendy’s Twitter has done to boost awareness for the brand and connect with an ever growing younger audience. Engagement is a long term strategy that goes hand-in-hand with creating personalized content for each of your marketing segments.

Investing in Social Data and Analytics

Social Media continues to grow, and analyzing the data they provide will give you a better understanding of how your consumers are interacting with different social media platforms, and whether they are driving sales or brand awareness. 70% of businesses are not collecting data from social media channels, but that’s looking to change. According to DMA SFB, social media will grow to 24% of marketing budgets as opposed to the 10% it’s at right now. Investing now to understand how you’re customers engage with you is just another way how you can get a leg up on the competition and ensure your marketing efforts are maximizing their impact.

If you need some navigating through the sometimes ranging marketing sea - let us know. We can enforce your crew and ensure a smooth sailing! Call us or email us today!

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