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Why a Mobile-Friendly Website Should be Your Top Priority

Using mobile phones

Take a moment to think about how many times you have reached for your phone today. You’ve most likely caught up on all of your unread text messages and emails, checked google maps for current traffic to work, and searched on the internet for a quick meal near by. All of this is done daily on your handy dandy smart phone, and let’s face it, your laptop is basically collecting dust except for the occasional nights on netflix. As a business owner you have grown to appreciate your mobile device and become more dependent on it each day. You already understand how important a mobile device is for everyday life but have you learned the significance of a mobile-friendly website for your brand and business?

Here’s why creating a mobile friendly website should be a top priority for your brand and business:

Mobile devices are carried around by your readers at all hours of the day. Statistically speaking, 59% of people use their mobile devices to search the internet, view social media, and communicate with others. Approximately 50% of your viewers are visiting your website on a mobile device. And that percentage continues to climb. According to these stats you are most likely reading this blog post on your mobile device right now!

You’re probably thinking, Okay okay, I get it, it’s important, but not having a mobile-friendly website probably won’t kill my business…

Unfortunately, that is wrong. On April 2015, Google announced its official Mobile-Friendly Update. Since that date, Google and other search engines have increased the ranking of websites that are usable on mobile devices and decreased the rankings of ones that are not. According to Google “Mobile Playbook” 57% of users say they wouldn’t recomend a business or brand with a poorly designed mobile site. And 40% of users say they have turned to a competitor's site after a bad mobile experience.

Are you ready for the good news? Bare Bones Marketing makes it a painless process to convert your website into a mobile-friendly one. We can create what is called a mobile web-app that is both organized and easy to navigate. By updating your brand and business, Bare Bones Marketing will allow you to have more happy viewers and higher rankings on internet search engines.

Click here to learn more information on how we can customize your website into a moblie-friendly one -!mobile/c1eou


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