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Why is it so Important That Your Website is Compatible with Mobile Devices?

Mobile device

Smartphones, smartphones, smartphones. They're what everyone is using in this day and age. Are you out and about and need to quickly search something? Or waiting in the pickup line for your child at school bored and want to surf the web? Smartphones make that all very easy. However, if your company's website isn't compatible with mobile devices, how will people visit it?

Faster speed, better visibility, and improved brand identity

Having a mobile-friendly website offers customers with a few different unique and helpful features. Some of these include a faster speed, better visibility, and improved brand identity. Instead of seeing your webpage all jumbled up on their screen, they are shown a clean and easy to use page that clearly fits and is meant for their screen.

Luckily, website creating platforms usually make it pretty simple for you to convert your website onto a mobile device. Usually, there are two options to make this conversion. The first is to create a mobile site that has all of the same information as your original website, but in a different format. The second is to make some changes to the coding of your original website so that it can be adjusted for a smartphone or other mobile device.

As always, Bare Bones Marketing is always here to help you with your various marketing needs, including switching to mobile! Give us a call today at 512.571.2296 to get a quote.


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