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Stay Happy at Work so it is Less Like uh, … Work

We know that everyone hates waking up at 7 am just to go to work for 8 long hours while you wait to come home. Work doesn’t have to be so bad though! There are ways to make work a happy and positive place so that you may look forward to going to work in the morning, or maybe don’t mind staying a little late to finish a project.

Make it your own

A great start to adding a little cheer in your work environment is by making your space your own. You are going to be in your office or at your desk for most of the week so make it cozy and make it yours. Try adding some pictures of your favorite places or family, get a fun rug, maybe even splurge on a comfortable office chair so you can take breaks from behind the desk.


Smiling more often regardless of your current mood can also cause a feeling of happiness. Smiling notifies your brain to be happy and positive. It’s kind of funny that such a simple facial expression could make a huge difference in your mood and day.

Make Friends

This one is a little harder for those of you who like their comfort zone. Get to know the people in your office. Maybe you have to force yourself, but go to a few of those happy hours and socials and make some friends! Having a friend in your workplace can make it seem more like you’re hanging out than just there to grind out some paperwork.

Mix it Up

Finally, mix up your work day. Maybe you go to a cool restaurant at lunch. Maybe you bring your puppy to work if it’s allowed. Maybe you take on a new project. Whatever it is that you do change up your work day or what you are focusing on at work. Keeping things fresh will keep you from getting in a rut or becoming bored.

Have a fantastic week at work! Remember to be responsible for your own happiness!


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