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How to tweet like a Pro

How to tweet like a pro

Twitter - we all heard of it, many know it well and others have never been on it. As a business owner or somebody in charge of marketing, I hope you are not one of the latter ones. But, many are still intimidated about it or not sure if it is worth it to add to your marketing mix. Here some facts that might show it is not a question whether your business should be on Twitter or not:

  • 302 million monthly active users

  • 500 million Tweets are sent per day

  • 80% of Twitter active users are on mobile

  • Twitter supports 33 languages

  • Vine: More than 40 million users

OK, now we know our business should be present on Twitter but how? What should you say, not say, what are the rules, the etiquette? Lots of questions but fear not, get our free eBook 'How to tweet like a Pro' and you are off to a very good start and bring your Twitter game to the next level!

Tweet like a Pro!

To get the free eBook, just click here and you get to the landing page where you can download the eBook!

And if you want to know more or feel you need help with your social media marketing, let us know. That's what we do!


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