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Holiday Marketing

a Couple at Holidays

The holidays are always composed of cheery, brightly decorated, and overcrowded chaos as consumers flood malls, run from store to store, and stress about what on Earth they are going to get their cousin they haven’t seen in three years as a gift. Here is where your company needs to help out these consumers with some strong holiday marketing. Show your consumers where, when, and what to buy for each family member or friend.

Follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Don’t forget charity! The holidays are a time of giving and kindness. If your company donates portions of sales to a local or national charity it will make the customer feel better about their purchase, as well as be a good deed for your company.

2. Decorate Decorate Decorate! Whether it is your store or your website a little Christmas flare can go a long way. Many holiday shoppers want it to feel like the holidays (even if the weather may not permit it).

3. Host a holiday party. If you invite loyal customers to an after hours holiday shopping party, hot chocolate and snacks included, they will be sure to attend and make holiday purchases. What’s better than an uncrowded store and snacks while doing gift shopping?

4. Create an E-Book Gift Guide! Many gift givers don’t know what to get for who, whether they are in the store or online. A little guidance will help sell your products as well as put customers at ease. 

5. Offer gift wrapping. Any time saver you can offer someone during the holidays will be welcomed with open arms. It is the busiest time of year after all.

Happy Holidays and Happy Marketing!


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