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Fostering Friendship

Professional team

Work can either be a place of creativity, excitement, and fun or a place of gloom, stress, and endless hours. A key deciding factor on how your job will go is friendship. Friends are people you get to share moments with, who support you in the hard times, that will listen to how your day is going, and who help alleviate some of your stress.

Having friends at work make it all the more enjoyable in every aspect. It is important to each employee of a company to benefit their mental and emotional health at work, as well as the company itself. It has proven to increase productivity due to workers enjoying being at work and feeling more comfortable in their workspace. As employees become more connected through friendship a community is created, which allows for a stronger loyalty to the company.

Friendships are key

Friendships are key to employee happiness and enjoyment, but how can friendship be fostered in the workplace? The manager or person in charge must provide opportunities for friendship.

• Teams - Create teams to meet certain goals at work, to work on projects together, or even to brainstorm ideas for the company.
 • Competitions - A little friendly competition such as joke of the day, rule of the week, or even costume day can allow employees to show their personalities more to make friends. 
 • Sports - Have company sports teams that play each other so that people with the same interests can be brought together for fun events.
 • Happy Hour - This allows employees to get to know more than just the work side of each other in a comfortable environment. 

Basically, think of a way to bring together employees of similar interest. Before you know it morale will go up and the workplace will soon be a place employees look forward to coming to.

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