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Business Happy Hours in Austin, Texas

A cup of mint water

Happy Hour is a time where employees can escape the office and form more natural social bonds with their coworkers. All pressure is off, and new ideas are able to run more freely. Knowing your coworkers in and out of the office can make you more comfortable with expressing your ideas and opinions with them and encourage more collaboration.

In addition to fostering healthy social interaction, Happy Hour's stimulate longer and deeper conversations, with moderate amounts of alcohol, of course. Employees are more relaxed in an environment outside of the office and enhances more positive emotions rather than negative. Building on work relationships in a Happy Hour setting can then transfer to more pleasant relationships within the work environment.

Our favorite spots for Happy Hours in Austin

Parkside from 5 - 6:30 PM Salty Sow from 4:30 - 6:30 PM TRIO at the Four Seasons from 5 - 7 PM La Condesa from 5 - 7 PM, Monday thru Friday Fixe from 4 - 7 PM on Friday and Saturday, and all day Sunday thru Thursday Roaring Fork from 4 - 7 PM Eddie V’s from 4 - 7 PM Tuesday thru Saturday, 4 - 10 PM on Sunday, and 4 - 11 PM on Monday

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