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Visit German Haus at SXSW, Germany has Arrived!

Updated: Apr 11

Guten Tag! It is officially SXSW week here in Austin, Texas! We couldn’t be more excited to share with you one of our favorite international booths, German Haus.

German Haus is a great experience to immerse yourself into the German culture whether you go for a few hours or you go for a few days! The booth includes German companies, artists, natives, and information on the latest technology and trends in Germany. For anyone, especially if you are involved in the world of business, getting to know new cultures is very important and can be crucial for success at times. Learning new cultures and interacting with them inspires creativity, understanding, and can provide you with a new perspective towards the world. By networking at the German Haus with the international companies, artists, and even guests you will be able to learn, discuss, and integrate the new culture into your everyday life and business. After all, they do say America is a melting pot!

Let's go with us!

Go experience German Haus starting March 13th at Barracuda on 7th st. Even if you can’t make it to German Haus we challenge you to take advantage of the SXSW experience and immerse yourself into new cultures. You may be surprised as to how much a new cultural experience can benefit your lifestyle or business style.

For more information on German Haus visit http://www.german-haus.com/!

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