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Direct Mail - Is It Still Worth It?

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Are you overlooking the value of direct mail? In the digital age of today, it can be easy to assume that e-mail marketing is the easiest and cheapest to reach your consumers. However, experienced marketers have uncovered that an integrated communications plan with both print and digital, can be even better for your business.

The difference between an e-newsletter and direct mail, is that direct mail allows you to select a specific, location-based target market that is relevant to your specific business. While e-newsletters can use e-mail lists to find your target market, there is no guarantee that the message will be delivered to these recipients. For this reason, many marketers have named direct mail as the most cost-effective marketing tool in the marketing mix. If you still aren’t convinced, a study conducted by DMA, found that the response rate of direct mail is 3.4%, compared to only 0.12% for email marketing.

The benefits to direct mail don’t stop there. Join us as we delve into 6 unique benefits to using direct mail.

6 Benefits to Direct Mail Marketing:

  1. Creative. Creative templates and ideas take the spotlight when it comes to direct mail. With the freedom of texture, paper, and sizing options, businesses can promote a campaign in a plethora of different ways. Whether it is creating a calendar for your customers to use on their fridge, advertising a sale or promotional event, or even reminding your customers of your brand name, the freedom of design and creativity lie in your hands.

  2. Highly Targeted. With the help of mailing lists and location-based distribution of direct mail, it is very easy to target your specific audience based on the demographics you are looking for. When you focus on a targeted audience, your resources are never wasted on sending a message to the wrong audience.

  3. Engaging. Direct mail has the ability to target your audience in his own home. Evidence shows that the mailbox is less cluttered than email inboxes and gives readers a higher incentive to read content. Based a study conducted by Ritter’s Communication, about 50% of people pay more attention to direct mail than any other advertisement medium.

  4. Connects Content. Direct mail can be effective in catching your customer or client’s attention. Whether this means urging customers to visit your social media pages, or using QR codes to link to your online site, direct mail can be a great way to personally invite your customers to engage with you digitally.

  5. Invites New Clients. If you have already sent direct mail to a possible customer or client, they will already be familiar with your business, the next time you try to engage with them. According to studies by the DMA, about 39% of customers try a business for the first time because of direct mail marketing.

  6. Measurable Results. Direct mail is one of the easiest ways to measure and track results. Anyone that uses your coupon code or calls your number through direct mail can be recorded. Whether you are testing the waters to see whether your new product or service is working with your current audience, or testing your market to see which audience engages with your business the best, the opportunities for strategic improvement are endless.

As you can see, direct mail definitely stands out in the marketing mix. While it may sound complex, here at Bare Bones Marketing we know how to find the right target market for your business and choose the right type of distribution for your budget. Whether your budget ranges from $200 to $20,000, Bare Bones Marketing is ready to work with you to give you personalized results and ensure a successful campaign!

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