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How to Integrate Onsite SEO the Simple Way - Part 3

How to integrate simple SEO in your business marketing - Bare Bones Marketing LLC

Bare Bones Marketing continues the 4 part series of how to integrate SEO in websites for business owners. stay tuned to learn about all 9 ways you can increase your website ranking by integrating onsite SEO. Today we learn specifically how integrating links into your pages and post can help your search engine ranking.

6. Integrate High-Profile Outbound Links

When you’re providing information to your customers try to prove your credibility by including outbound links to pages that include high-quality information. This proves most effective when done every few paragraphs. But making a habit of including a credible outbound link for every one of your blog post or pages will increase the value of your website. However, before inserting links, familiarize yourself with the regulations Google has on link farming provided on their support page - Google Webmaster Linking Regulations

7. Integrate Internal Page links

By incorporating internal page linking you will not only provide your viewers short cuts to other important information on your page but also boost your rankings on search engines. By adding keyword links to other pages of your website and post it will allow search engines to crawl your website better. Taking the time to add a few internal page links to your previous post and can help them push forward in rankings instead of collecting dust on your website.

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To be continued . . .


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