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How to Integrate Onsite SEO the Simple Way - Part 4

Affordable Mobile Applications

This is our last post of the 4 part Onsite SEO series for Bare Bones Marketing. Today we are focusing on ways that small businesses increase their search engine ranking by creating mobile-friendly websites. And then learning methods for optimizing the mobile friendly website.

8. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Most search engines, such as Google, will rank mobile-friendly websites before other non mobile-friendly ones. Not only is having a mobile-friendly website good for generating more traffic to your business but it also decreases the amount of unsatisfied customers (or bounce rate) you’ll have when they’re navigating your site. You can run a test through Google to get a preview of your pages and ensure they are optimized well on a mobile device. - Google's Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Learn more about why creating a mobile-friendly website should be your top priority for your business - Mobile-Friendly Website Blog

9. Optimize Mobile Usability

Creating a mobile friendly website is the first step, optimizing it is the second. Everything from font size, content, to touch elements is important when creating a mobile website. To ensure that your website is accepted and ranks high on search engines take a look at Google’s support page for tools on how to boost your mobile website - Google's Mobile Website Usability

You've now successfully read through all 4 parts of our SEO blog series. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how to incorporate better marketing strategies for your online website. Check out more of our website, call (512) 571-2296 or email us at


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