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How to Integrate Onsite SEO the Simple Way - Part 1

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Bare Bones Marketing wants to share with local business owners simply ways to improve their onsite SEO. This blog is the 1st part of a 4 part series, so stay tuned to learn about all 9 ways you can increase your website ranking by integrating onsite SEO.

Do you feel like your business is currently being outshined by larger corporate businesses on the Internet? Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of money advertising agencies tell you your business has to spend just so you will get noticed on search engines?

Well, Bare Bones Marketing Agency wants to inform you on some very affordable ways to improve your search engine rankings by incorporating more onsite SEO strategies. By implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can increase the amount of traffic to your business website and create a more steady stream of new leads.

With that being said, here are simple ways your business can properly optimize the most important aspects of your website.

1. Integrate Keywords Into Your Title Tags

When a consumer is typing a relevant subject into a search engine you want to make sure that one of their keywords is also incorporated into your title tag. This will increase your business pages when ranking on the search engine. Your title tag is where you would insert your keyword. Be sure to insert the keyword at the beginning of your title in order to ensure it’s more effective when being picked up by the search engine. If you want to know which keywords have the highest search rate then sign up for google adwords (it's free) and use their Keyword search tool so you can optimizes which ones you use for your website. - Google's Keyword Search Tool

2. Integrate Keywords into the description of your Business (Homepage)

By incorporating target keywords into the first 100 words of your homepage search engines will be able to understand better what your business is about. It will also reassure the viewer that your website is exactly what they are looking at. Don’t make the mistake of including keywords until the middle or end of your web page because other well-describe businesses will out rank you in a search.

3. Integrate an H1 Heading on Each Page

Search engines generally give the H1 heading tag more weight over other headings. When Google is deciding what to pull up on your computer it looks strictly at the website coding, and searches for the H1 headings to see if a website has keywords that are relevant to the search. So by changing your headings to H1 and using it in conjunction with other onsite SEO search engines it will increase your ranking. The heading is the most important aspect of each of your web pages, and the H1 heading is the highest-level tag. Here is a video that helps explain why H1 headings improve your google ranking and how to make the edit on your website - H1 Heading Video SEO

To be continued . . .


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