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Are You Doing On-Page SEO Right?

Did you know that 75% of users never visit the second page of search results? It means, if your site cannot rank in the first page, you run a huge risk of not being able to attract a massive number of potential customers. But how will you ensure that your site gets the maximum probability of being on the first page? The answer is simple – improve your site’s on-page SEO by partnering with Bare Bones Marketing - one of the top SEO consultant in Dallas.

If you’re wondering why on-page SEO is so much important, well - it provides search engine crawlers with the signals that are needed for them to understand the meaning and context of your web pages. Therefore, by doing it right, you can help your web pages rank better in SERPs (Search Engines Result Pages).

So what’s the point in hiring a top Dallas SEO expert? Since Google uses more than 200 ranking factors, it’s almost impossible for an individual to take care of the most important ones among them.

As a leading SEO company in Dallas, Bare Bones Marketing has a solid pool of top-notch SEO experts who not only will ensure full optimization of your site but it follows on-page SEO best practices as well.

Here’re the overviews of just a couple of ways through which we ensure that your site remains fully-optimized.

Content Optimization

You’ve probably heard that you should use your primary keywords once in the first 100 words of your blog post or article. But do you know how many times you should use that keyword throughout a post? If you think using it as many times as possible will help it get a good ranking, you’ll be completely wrong. In fact, it’ll impact your post negatively in the form of keyword stuffing. So, there’s no need to overuse the keyword, just use it naturally a few times and it’ll help Google understand what the post is all about.

Image Optimization

In general, adding images is considered an effective way to make web pages more engaging and appealing. But you should understand that all images aren’t created equal and that some can even lower the loading speed of your website. If you’re thinking that only using high-quality and small images (in terms of bytes) will do the job, you might not be fully right because there’re more things to be taken care of. For instance, if you can use original or copyright-free images, that’ll be great but if you cannot, you can always use an image available on the web but you’ve to reference the source. It’s also important to use an ALT tag for an image to help search engines understand what it’s all about. And if your website appears with lots of images, it’ll automatically slow down the page loading speed. In that case, using a CDN (content delivery network) can help you ensure the pages load faster.

Internal Links

Do you know what search engine crawlers do after discovering a web page? They follow the links available on that page to understand the most important pages of a website. And not only is this extremely important for helping your pages rank high but for improving user engagement and lowering your bounce rate as well. However, it’s important to add internal links only when they’re useful for your visitors.

There’re many more factors that encompass on-page SEO like headings, content formatting, URL optimization, URL structure, avoiding keyword cannibalization, among others. By partnering with a reputable digital marketing agency Dallas, TX, you can rest assured of having all your on-page SEO needs been taken care of.

Looking to explore the full potential of on-page SEO? Just reach out to us via phone: 512.571.2296 or email: and we’ll take it from there.


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