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How to Integrate Onsite SEO the Simple Way - Part 2

Bare Bones Marketing continues the 4 part series for simple ways to integrate onsite SEO. Stay tuned to learn all 9 ways to incorporate SEO into your business website and increase search engine rankings. Today we talk specifically about ways to integrate graphic images onto your post and pages and techniques for optimizing them.

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4. Use Graphics to Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the important ranking factors considered by most search engines. When a customer visits your website you want them to find engaging information on your site that prevents them from hitting the back button (Bouncing). Specifically, by adding images, graphics, and videos you can hold your viewer’s attention longer and ultimately increase the amount of time they spend on your website. Visit Google’s support page and learn more about which video practices benefit your website most! - Google's Best Video Practies

5. Integrate Keywords into Your Image File Names

Don’t underestimate the power of a quality file name. Every bit of optimization will help generate traffic to your website and help visitors find your product more easily. So before your upload your images onto your website consider adding specific keywords to the file name. This will help the ranking of your image on a search engine when a relevant topic is typed in. Another opportunity to incorporate keywords is in the Alt text when uploading your image. Here's a great website explaining how to edit the Alt Text for your image - Alt Text Image Editing

To be continued . . .

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