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Women Who Rock

One of our favorite things about Bare Bones Marketing is that we get to work with awesome female entrepreneurs and clients. We've had so much fun collaborating with them that we started the hashtag #womenwhorock to spotlight their companies and what they're up to.

Julie Westervelt

Julie, Sleep Crown

Julie is a yoga teacher, a traveller and the founder of Sleep Crown. Combined with the gentle teachings from Yoga, Julie developed the comfiest pillow to give your body and mind proper rest. She also provides tips on how to get a good night sleep and to combat stress with meditation. She's rockin' it as an entrepreneur and is someone we look up to! 😍Check out her website here.

Michele Heisler, Riverway Consulting

Michele is a master Feng Shui Practitioner and Professional Coach, and the founder of Riverway Consulting, a client centered practice. With experience in sociology, sign language and feng shui, Michele has a holistic approach to her methods. Her coaching skills are mind blowing and have helped many discover their passions and self-reflection! Keep on rockin', Michele! Check out her website here.

Nicole Reeves, @curlycolorista

Nicole, also known as CurlyColorista is a style aficionado! Whether it’s makeup or hair, she’s killin’ the game. Nicole’s offers a variety of services including color application, hair treatments, and style & cut. She also specializes in makeup and hair for special occasions like bridal parties! She showcases her work on her social media and even offers makeup and hair tips! Check out her instagram here.

Nancy Rich

Nancy Rich, As the Fur Flies

Nancy Rich, founder of the Pet Salon, @asthefurfliesaustin is definitely paw-some. Her patience and passion for helping animals allows her to be amazing at what she does. She's rightfully earned the title "The Pet Whisperer!" Her salon, As the Fur Flies, prioritizes the safety of all pets and all employees take the time to build meaningful relationships with their furry clients. Check out their website here.

Denise Gunderson and Susan Schultz, Healing Waters

Denise Gunderson and Susan Schultz founded Healing Waters, a health clinic that aims to enhance the quality of life for their clients. They empower others to find health and happiness using a combination of healing and self-development methods. They’re amazing at what they do and have helped so many people on their personal journeys. Way to go, ladies! Check out their website here.


Bare Bones Marketing is a marketing firm based in Austin, Texas. We specialize in a range of services from social media marketing to website design. To check out some of the work we've done for our clients, check out our website or give us a call!


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