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Why you should consider Direct Mailing

Direct Mailings are still one of the leading conventional forms of marketing that can help your company gain and retain customers. For example, suppose you’re looking to work with a print partner that can handle your direct mailing needs efficiently and on time by leveraging its custom design and printing capabilities. In that case, Bare Bones Marketing is precisely what you need. We offer full-service online printing, and have the expertise and track-record to handle all your business printing and mailing requirements.

What mailing services are offered by Bare Bones Marketing?

If you’re struggling to keep your direct mail campaigns on time, within your budget, and on-brand, you now have a solution with Bare Bones Marketing. Having completely handled direct mailings for countless small to mid-sized businesses, our reliable printing services can get your direct mail campaigns back on track.

Since we offer both direct mail design and direct mailing printing and delivery under the same roof, you don’t need to waste effort, money, and time on managing multiple vendors to get the job done. From self-mailers and postcards to magazines, booklets, envelope mailers, and more, you can get a variety of direct mail products designed, printed and delivered by us. Since we are a full-service design and marketing company that offers mailing services too, your project would be seamlessly handled – right from start to finish, all under the same roof. Whether your direct mail campaign needs a handful of direct mail products or a few thousand pieces, you can rest easy knowing that the team at Bare Bones Marketing has you covered.

Why does your business needs mailing services from Bare Bones Marketing?

Since direct mailings with Bare Bones Marketing are tangible and designed aesthetically to match your brand, your target recipients are more likely to remember the message than an online ad, for instance. Additionally, recipients tend to keep the direct mails around for much longer, which gives your business more opportunities to create a positive impression.

Since you can customize your direct mailings by including your recipients' names, QR codes, and special discount coupons, among others, you can create better engagement and response, thus boosting the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Direct mailing services by Bare Bones Marketing are cost-effective. From designing and printing your direct mailing products to sending them to your recipients – either once or periodically, we can handle everything seamlessly. And if you’re still worried about the costs, you can bring down your business expenses further by choosing to get your direct mails printed in bulk.

If your business wants to focus on effective customer acquisition and retention, it’s time for it to embrace the direct mailing services of Bare Bones Marketing. Contact us today for a free, uncomplicated consultation of what we could do for you!


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