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The 4 Categories of Search Intent

If you want a significant boost in your SERP when hiring an SEO company in Dallas, you should ask them to focus on the different types of search intent and use the most suitable ones while selecting your keywords. Search intent refers to the reason behind an online search. Your Dallas SEO expert would tell that at first glance, searches could often be confusing. That’s why you need to dig deeper to identify what the searcher is looking for.

There’re four categories of search intent:

  • Navigational: These are the simplest to understand and don’t need much optimization as the searcher already knows where he/she wants to reach.

  • Informational: These are where the searcher needs information before making a decision. Usually, it’s one of the initial stages of a sales funnel.

  • Transactional: Searchers with purchase intent conduct these searches as they’re ready to buy. If you’ve educated your customers during their informational intent searches, grabbing their attention becomes easy when they’re doing transactional intent searches. That’s because people are likely to buy from a company/brand that has educated them.

  • Commercial: People who plan to buy soon and need more information to arrive at a decision conduct these searches. Thus, you can call it a mix of transactional and informational.

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