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Marketing NOW??

Marketing in the time of coronavirus may not be on your priority list as your target audience is primarily anxious about stocking hand sanitizers and toilet papers. Despite crushing fears and uncertainties, now isn’t the time to curtail your business marketing budget. Rather, you should rethink your marketing strategy, refrain from stopping any marketing and communication with your client besides a desperate cry for help, and work strategically. To discuss and learn more about powerful business marketing solutions during this global pandemic, you can always reach out to us.

Marketing in times of trouble

Though no business – big or small, is immune to the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, you need to act wisely while marketing your products/services. For instance, if you’ve pre-scheduled content for your social media marketing campaigns, re-evaluating them is important. That’s because what might have seemed good earlier may now appear to be insensitive.

Avoid negative brand association!

Refraining from cheap marketing tactics is crucial. Else, getting criticized by people would be inevitable. Remember to avoid negative brand association as it can adversely affect your business reputation.

While sticking to your SEO strategies, you should also do competitive research to find and offer, if possible, products/services your competitors might be lacking, which their customers in self-isolation would need.

Now is a good time to show your customers that you are a creative business that can work with them on unique solutions. For example, we love our hair salon clients that offer 'at home, premixed hair color packages', and online consultations. These are the types of businesses that will come out stronger. Yes, we all struggle but let's not be defeated by a virus.

Call us and let's talk about ideas on how to give your business a much needed kick during #coronavirus! We would love to help! Stay happy and healthy!


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