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Marketing during a Pandemic

As a leading digital marketing agency in Dallas Fort Worth, we’ve seen client preferences change over the last few months. The pandemic has forced businesses across the entire world to rethink their strategies and ways of getting things done and it’s no different in Dallas and Fort Worth. Work from home has become the new normal as many businesses have shifted - either fully or partly, to a remote working model. This has boosted local purchases as home workers typically spend money in their immediate vicinity – be it supermarkets, grocery stores, or nearby cafés and restaurants. Consequently, we’re noticing a renewed interest in local SEO among our Dallas clients.

On the spectrum’s other end are those businesses that primarily target an office-based workforce. With a significant decrease in footfall, these businesses can no longer plan their marketing campaigns extensively around office workers’ daily commute and other workday-related trends like spending lunch breaks in restaurants, cafés, shops, etc.

As a result, they’re looking for viable alternatives. Leveraging our years of experience in the domain of digital marketing in Dallas and Austin, TX, we’re helping these businesses as best as we can. From conducting keyword research, competitor analysis, and doing an SEO audit to using Google Trends, Google My Business Posts, etc., we’re helping these businesses get back on track.

Need a digital marketing Dallas Fort Worth company to help your business? Reach out to Bare Bones Marketing by calling 512-571-2296!


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