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Keep up with us while you can! 😉

Our new clients at Bare Bones Marketing and A&F have done some spring cleaning and decided to create websites, print store signs and stickers, and of course branded items to help their clients stay organized and to promote their business. Here is just a small sneak peek of what we have been up to and to give you a few ideas of how your business can be shown off.

1. Website for Marcus Kurek, PT, MA, SEP

Marcus Kurek is a Trauma-Informed Physical Therapist and a Psychotherapist based out of Colorado and his passion is to educate all who have a therapeutic practice or have a license to touch to identify nonverbal signs of trauma in their patients and to educate the practitioner to modify their interventions. We enjoyed working on his new website and are very happy with the results - so it Marcus. To view the website, click here.

2. Folder and Business Card Printing for our client OnPoint Premier.

OnPoint Premier Roofing is a residential roofing company providing professional and trusted services to Austin, San Antonio, and surrounding areas. Their team of certified roofing experts will address your roof damage and guide you through the replacement, taking the guesswork out of the process. Learn more at

3. Website for our new client Surfari Salsa.

Surfari Salsa is one of the only companies that allows you to customize your salsa order from spice levels to which vegetables you want in your salsa, and it is made to order! How exciting is that? Whether you are in the Shreveport/Bossier City in Louisiana to pick up or not, Surfari Salsa ships their dry spices so you can make delicious salsa at home. Visit their website to see all that they have to offer.

4. Printed Signs and Sticker for our client at Chevron in Salt Lake City

Our client Chevron in Salt Lake City asked us to design and produce stickers to put on their doors to ensure that their customer service is up to customers' expectations. Along with these business stickers, we also design and printed signs for the inside of the store to guide their customers to each section and the restrooms.

5. And lastly, a new website for our client at Canna Connection

Our clients Canna Connection started with their passion for CBD products and want to help anyone that wants to live a better and healthier life. Their goal is to provide high-quality products at a reasonable price. If you visit their website, they will help you calculate how much CBD you need depending on your pets or your own needs! They ship CBD products ranging from coffee, oils, body products, and pastries. Visit their website to find out more!

These are just a few projects that Bare Bones Marketing and A&F Printing have been creating for their new and existing clients! We hope that seeing this leaves you feeling inspired and ready to take on or continue your journey with us for your business. Let us help you with creating websites, social media content, any printing needs, and promotional products and apparel.


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