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How To: Twitter Marketing

When you’re marketing on social media, make sure you don’t skip over Twitter! With over 120 million daily active users, Twitter is a great platform to market your business. Although the process of using the app and sending a tweet is very simple, growing a business account and leveraging its tools can get a little complicated. To make things a little easier, here are 4 ways to start marketing on Twitter without spending any money!

Plan early

When creating content for your tweets, we recommend drafting them early. Save about a month’s worth of tweets ahead of time for seasonal marketing like Christmas or Halloween. However, don’t get carried away with planning ahead; Twitter is a fast-moving platform, and if you always schedule your content, you risk sounding too robotic and “late with the times”. Leave some time to create spontaneous tweets that relate to current trends or pop culture fads.

Develop great customer service

Many businesses use Twitter for customer service due to its fast and conversation-like platform. We suggest you do the same! While other platforms like Facebook and Instagram showcase your business’ products and personality, Twitter can provide an open space of communication between you and your clients. By using Twitter’s advanced search tools, you can also search instances of your company’s name throughout the platform. This way, you can scope out reviews, and personally address any negative ones.

Tweet a conversation

Your tweets shouldn’t be bland or full of headlines. Consider starting conversations with your followers to encourage higher likes, shares and comments. Some impactful ways to “talk” to your audience are to ask questions and publicly reply to reviews. By doing this, your brand establishes credibility and authenticity. Followers will notice and continue to initiate conversations as well.

Tweet graphics and videos

Twitter users scroll through their timelines very quickly. With that being said, they don't respond very well to static posts or lengthy text. By posting photos, interactive gifs and videos, you'll increase your overall engagement rate and capture more of your target's attention. Consider re-using photos and videos from other social media platforms and optimizing them so they're shorter and bite-sized. Twitter also provides tools to measure your post's impressions, likes, and other engagement metrics.

Bare Bones Marketing is a marketing firm located in Austin, Texas that specialized in a variety of services. For more tips on marketing with Twitter (or any other social media platform), contact us for a consultation and we'll talk strategy!


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