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How to Know It's Time to Rebrand Your Company

Design for your company

When your company starts going downhill, it may be hard to take a step back and admit that things aren't going very well. It happens, companies can lose their mojo and have to go back to the beginning in terms to rebranding. This is perfectly normal, and happens on a regular basis.

One common factor in determining whether to rebrand is image. Sometimes images of companies can change as companies come out with new products, expand, etc. It is important to make sure your image and overall message is aligned with whatever it is your company offers. For example, if you sell luxury items, does your website have a luxurious feel? Do your social media accounts portray you to be extravagant and one-of-a-kind?

New horizons

Another thing that indicates the need to rebrand is when your company switches to a new demographic or consumer base. New demographics often times come with a new brand message, which may require some construction on your end. For example, retired males may comprehend a message differently than young female professionals.

No matter what industry you are in, change seems to be a recurring theme across the board. Change in the market requires your company to adjust and find innovative ways to continue meeting your customers needs. To retain your customers, this might mean rebranding to keep up with (and get ahead) of your competitors.

Here at Bare Bones Marketing, we love taking a company in need and giving it a new, fresh, image. Don't be afraid to reach out!


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