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Boosting your Business's Instagram

iPhone and Instagram

Instagram marketing and selling has taken off in the last few years. It’s important as ever to continually increase your engagement and presence on the platform. With over 1 billion active users every month, Instagram is exactly where your small business or company needs to be.

Picking the best content

When it comes to online and social media marketing, content is king. No matter how big or small your following, your focus should be on creating authentic and enjoyable content for your target audience. Focusing on the highlights of your business is the best way to gain quality content. Whether it’s beautiful product shots, the people and places of your business locations, a behind the scenes look at your day to day, or even just words of inspiration - there are a million ideas for creative content.

Visuals visuals visuals

Think of an Instagram account as an online portfolio. Your content should follow a common visual theme from picture to picture. Whether it’s posting the same subject, cropping everything in the same way, or using the same filter or colors on every image; the more uniformed and stylized your account looks, the more users will automatically recognize you.

Keeping your brands voice in line

Along with the visual identity, every post should sound the same, and they should all follow your brand voice. The most important part is remaining true to you! It’s harder than it seems to sound casual, yet inviting online within the scope of an Instagram caption. Follow the voice that you’ve already identified either on your website or within your store and explore ways to incorporate that to your Instagram account.

Engaging with your followers

Taking the time to engage with your followers can boost your interactions in a huge way. Following their accounts back, liking pictures, and liking and responding to comments left on your page is an important part of maintaining an organic image. Remember also to check your direct message inbox! Clients or customers might be leaving questions in your inbox that need to be answered. When your followers feel heard or cared for, they will react positively.


Try not to let your Instagram stand on its own! Start connecting your other accounts to each other to gain followers from platform to platform. If all of your socials are linked, followers on one site can find you easier on the next. Remember to include your website as well. A good idea is to place a live gallery of your Instagram feed directly on to your webpage, that way all of your channels are funneling back to one another.

Let’s do this thing

As one of Austin, Texas’ leading social media marketing agencies, we can help boost your engagement, followers, and presence on Instagram and across the rest of your social media accounts. As experts in web design as well, we at Bare Bones Marketing offer a unique opportunity to build your online presence in a holistic way. Fore more information, or to get started with your Instagram boost today, give us a call at 512-571-2296, or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!


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