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4 Essential Apps for Marketers

People are using mobile phones

Mobile apps are a great way to strategize business goals, communicate with your team and create some fresh content. But finding the right balance of apps that help your business grow without your cluttering your phone is important. To make things easier for you, we’ve created a list of apps that you should definitely consider for your marketing toolkit:


Mashable is a multi-platform media and entertainment company that publishes the latest trends on social media, in pop-culture, and across other industries. While you can access this site via safari/chrome, we highly recommend downloading it as an app. That way, you can easily start the morning or end your night with an update on marketing trends and some inspiration for your business! This app is available on iOS and Android.


If you rely on MailChimp for email and newsletter management, the app can be super helpful when you’re on the go! You can quickly send campaigns and review the dashboard, which condenses your analytics (like sales/audience growth/impressions). Mailchimp will even notify you about peak email-sending times, so you can reach your audience more strategically. This app is available on iOS and Android.


Slack is no stranger to the professional world - but if you have a business and you’re not using it, we highly recommend you start. Slack is a group messaging platform that has several features, allowing a simple and effective communication stream. You can message individuals directly, or create separate conversation threads for specific teams, departments, or clients. You can even customize notification alerts by topic or purpose depending on your priorities and preferences. You can download Slack on your laptop and your phone, so you’ll always stay connected with your team. This app is available on iOS and Android.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s free storage service that allows you to upload and store several files, photos, documents. It’s connected to Google’s office suite, which allows you to work on presentation slides, documents and spreadsheets. These services are optimized for collaboration, so you can share the files with other people on your team and they work along with you.

These apps are a great start for developing a useful and effective marketing toolkit for your small business. If you’re interested in how your business could adopt some of these apps or if you are looking for extra help in content and strategy, the Bare Bones team can help. Contact us for more information.

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