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Small Business Marketing Practices

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Many small businesses often don't think about marketing practices during the early stages of their creation. However, investing in marketing tools and strategy can be very beneficial to establish brand presence and product promotion. To help you get started, we've compiled some tips that we think every small business should consider.

Have a functional website

According to a study performed by Clutch, 46% of American small businesses operate without a website. However, for small businesses, having a website is essential to promoting and selling their product. Not only does a website give a company credibility, but it also businesses to set up an online stores and a portfolio. According to HostingFacts, 80% of online users are expected to make a purchase virtually in 2019. With this in mind, having a website puts your business in front of potential customers who search through the internet to find your services. You should also keep tabs on the user experience of your overall website. This insures that your content is actually being seen and can be easily shared and liked.

Be savvy with Social Media

As an owner of a small business, you should definitely take advantage of social media tools to properly engage with your followers. A majority of users follow at least one business on Instagram, leaving many small businesses no other choice than to promote their brand online. Be active on social media has many benefits: Not only can it increase awareness for your brand, but it can also humanize your company by connecting with customers real-time. By using new features like Instagram Stories and posting regularly, it also allows your company to stay top-of-mind among your followers. Most importantly, different social media platforms offer tools to track real-time analytics.

Have a strong brand identity

In order to stand out from competitors, having a strong brand is essential for your business. This means creating a unique logo, company name and personality that stays recognizable and cohesive at all times. Having a strong brand identity can be beneficial for many reasons. Not only will customers be able to identify and recognize your services, but it allows you to build an emotional connection with your audience. For a small business, it can also make your company look more credible and, in turn, build loyalty and trust. We recommend creating a high quality visual identity that aligns with your future goals and your company culture.

Publish some Content

Developing some content allows you to create a relationship with your customers on topics you both care about. Create a poll on social media platforms to figure out what your followers are interested in, and use these to inspire your future posts and blogs. By developing content that your users will engage with saves a lot of time without straining your budget. Consider adding a “blog” to your website and share these posts frequently on social media. By doing this, you also encourage your followers to share with friends and family on their own social media. You can also create a monthly or seasonal newsletter to actively talk to your followers and track metrics, such as click-thru-rates and engagement.

Bare Bones Marketing is a local Marketing firm operated in Austin, Texas that specializes in working with small businesses to help them grow. If you need help with tackling your marketing goals, give us a call or contact us today!

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