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The Best Apps for Social Media Marketers

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Social media never sleeps, so it can be a hassle staying up to date 24/7 on marketing opportunities on your desktop or laptop. Luckily, there are lots of apps that can help you monitor your social platforms and stay connected with your audience when you’re on the move. Here are some of our favorites!


Canva is a super helpful resource that lets you create and edit images for social media. While it works best as a desktop tool, the app is accessible on your iPhone and iPad. There are pre-made templates for Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat GeoFilters, Instagram Stories, and more. Even better, you can add images, customize icons and edit your own work. When you've created your masterpiece, they have a wonderful social share option that lets you directly post on the platform of your choice.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s free storage service that allows you to upload files, photos, documents -- you name it! It allows you to work on slides and documents from the convenience of your laptop, phone or tablet. It also has the option for you to share files with others so they can edit, making collaborating simple and easy. The best part? You can open and access your files even without internet; so if you’re constantly on the go, this is the perfect app for you!


Preview is an app that helps you schedule and plan your instagram feed ahead of time. While there are different pricing options, the “free” option lets you schedule an unlimited amount of posts and gives you access to stock photos, filters, and a hashtag finder. They even provide different themes and inspiration for your content ideas!

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