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5 Smart Content Ideas for Your Blog or Website

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Excellent content is one of the key elements of successful branding. There is an abundance of information - just look at all the online platforms out there - so the importance of posting high-quality materials is even greater. A website alone is not enough anymore. Regular and frequent content updates are hugely important for your branding as well as for establishing your organization or yourself as a trustworthy voice online. Not to mention the immense impact that these updates can have on your site’s search engine rankings. Whether you run a blog, a business website or a combination of the two – online content should be on your agenda.

However sometimes it can be hard to come up with fresh, engaging ideas so here is a list of interesting ideas for blog posts or news updates to inspire you (and us). Keep this list close and you will be equipped should ‘writer’s block’ strike.

The Big Reveal:

A new product, sealing a new partnership, setting up a new location or your new office pet - all these could be a great blog posts to show people you are real and have great things to talk about.

Step-by-step Tutorials:

Short, detailed texts that guide readers from point A to point Z are always useful. You can create a tutorial that touches on your own products directly (“how to style your mustache like Dali’s using our facial hair products”), or you could write one that is related to your field or inspired by your interests (“how to repurpose your old jeans into a neat handbag” or “how to edit studio portrait photographs in Photoshop”).

Success Stories or Testimonials:

Let your happy customers or collaborators talk about your products, services and company. Top 10 Lists: Always a favorite among readers. They are to the point, concise and the reader know what to expect. Give them some really good tips and your blog will get great results and engagement.

Life Hack Tips:

People love to learn new tricks - these don’t need to be related to your business as everybody appreciates some good tips on how to make life just that little bit less confusing and hard.

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