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How Austin is changing, and its effects on your business:

Austin Capital of Texas

Living and running a business in Austin, Texas, you might have noticed some ongoing changes in the culture of the city as well as professional life. The rising technology boom, partnered with a growing international population has created the perfect storm of innovation and change that led Austin to being ranked the number one fastest changing city over the last decade - and these changes are becoming visibly evident to locals and visitors alike. To maintain success in this constantly updating and changing environment, there are a few things to keep in mind.

So, what's starting to change?

First of all, the cities population is beginning to take a new form. As seen on the 2010 Austin Census, population demographics have shifted dramatically over the previous 10 years. The majority of people moving into Austin from international locations are now from India, Vietnam, and China. Additionally, the influx of move-ins from California have many people speculating Austin is on track to becoming the next Silicon Valley. With these changing populations, it's no surprise that the number of international businesses based in Austin is increasing at a staggering rate as well.

Hand in hand with these population changes, is the fact that Austin industries are increasingly high tech. More and more technology companies are choosing to locate to Austin for their home base - increasing jobs and moving large populations into the city. Already home to Apple, Dell, IBM, and other technology giants, Austin is quickly becoming a global economic powerhouse in the business world. Even more so, the announcement made in early January of this year that Amazon was considering Austin for their HQ2 location has already created a visible ripple effect in the cities economy. Countless tech start-ups have taken Amazon’s interest in Austin as their own and have begun to invest in store fronts here. With the potential for Amazon and their band of following satellite companies to bring in over 50,000 tech jobs, it is likely the population make-up will change even more drastically.

What do these changes mean exactly?

So what does this mean for you or your company? In this world of constant change and blending nationalities, it is increasingly important to look at business with a global marketing perspective. Regardless if you conduct business abroad or not, ensuring your business front speaks well to a diverse population at home could ensure future success in our changing city. The need for accurate and appropriate marketing efforts is about to hit an all-time high in Austin as these changes continue. Luckily, we at Bare Bones Marketing are here to help guide your transition into Austin’s worldwide and high tech future. Don’t let your business get lost in the crowd, lead the pack with creative and personal marketing geared toward the new Austin audience.

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