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3 Hot Summer Marketing Tips

A beautiful sky

Summer is finally here! You know what else comes with the heat... a new marketing strategy! Seasonal marketing campaigns spice things up and promote your business in a unique way that is relevant to life outside of your company. Here are a few marketing tips you can use to reel in prospects this summer:

Pay attention to the weather

Chances are, your clients are going to want to see social media content that cools them down on a sweltering hot summer day. For example, a photo of an ice cold drink during your happy hour can help to remind your audience that there are things they can do to cool off, and will make them more inclined to take your offering.

Throw an event

The summertime presents us with a lot of opportunities to throw parties or host events. People generally have a little more free time - especially younger generations of people, like students. This could include hosting classes, preparing tastings (if you are in the food and beverage industry), or simply having a cocktail party at a nice venue.

Start a competition

Summer also means that people - especially families - are traveling more. This gives people the opportunity to take photos of them doing unique things, which can be used for a competition on social media. For example, you could run a competition where the person with the best photo of them with your product gets a discount from your company. Get creative!

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