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Taking Advantage of Facebook Live

A camera for live show

Facebook has been getting quite a bit of buzz lately because of their new various changes that affect both its private users and public businesses. One feature of Facebook that has often been overlooked by businesses is "Facebook Live." However, this feature may be something businesses want to look into considering live videos get six times as many interactions as regular videos on average.

Going live

A lot of people's fears about "going live" is that it doesn't look professional enough or is too spontaneous. However, audiences are increasingly reporting that they actually enjoy these spur-of-the-moment videos and don't expect them to be perfect by any means. With this being said, having tools like a broadcasting studio, or even just a stable webcam, can make your live video flow a little more smoothly.

Additionally, some people don't quite understand what content to put on their live video, or don't know what people would find interesting. However, the options are endless. If you recently made a blog post, share a tip or additional point you were trying to get across. If you have a new product, show the physical item and how to work it so your customers can get a better idea of what they are working with. If you're really out of ideas, you can always resort to an FAQ session!

Once you put yourself out there and go live for the first time, it only gets easier from there. And better yet, you'll start to see eager customers wanting to interact with you more! Launch your first Facebook live this week and watch your results multiply.

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