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How to Execute a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook for business

When getting ready to start a Facebook Ad campaign, it can be difficult deciding who it is you are trying to target. Specifically, which demographics do you hit? Do you want females ages 18-23 to come across your ad, or males in their fifties? Also, what geographic locations are you trying to capture, and where is the most effective spot on the screen to place the ad? Your Bare Bones Marketing Team is here to guide you in answering these questions so you can execute a successful ad campaign.

Choosing the Right Target Audience

Since gender has such few categories to choose from, it tends to be the easiest category to optimize. For example, if you run and test and see that your conversion rate is not highly associated with men, you can start aiming your ad only to the higher performing gender (females in this case). Age, on the other hand, is a little harder of a category to tackle. We recommend testing multiple age groups at first, and then narrowing your targeting based on your results. It's easier to start big and then narrow down rather than starting small and expanding.

Optimizing by countries and regions can also get a little bit tricky, and will require you to clearly define which area you are trying to hit. You may find it easier to start by optimizing age or gender first, and then moving to regions if you find that some areas are performing better than others. Like many of the other categories, optimizing by ad placement will take some time and tests before you will start to see the results and conversion rates you are looking for. After a couple days of placing your ad in the News Feed, right-hand side, Instagram, etc., see what works and exclude what doesn't.

All in all, executing a successful Facebook Ad Campaign requires time and patience. Oh, and lots of testing! Don't forget that you are able to go into Facebook and manually adjust your ads if you aren't seeing great results. Contact Bare Bones Marketing if you have any additional questions!

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