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3 Unique Ways to Vamp Up Your Website

Working on a website

Do you ever wonder why you have so much traffic on your website, but you aren't hitting your conversion goals? Surprisingly, this might have a lot to do with web design. If a prospective customer is overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by your page layout, they are much more likely to leave the page with little consideration towards buying your product. Here are three unique things you can do to spice up your website and set yourself apart from competitors:

Add Symbols of Trust

As we all know, one of the biggest influences, if not THE biggest, is word-of-mouth. If your relative or friend says something negative about a product or service, you probably will be quick to take the item out of your consideration set. By adding symbols of trust to your website like testimonials or Yelp reviews, visitors of your website instantly become more comfortable with your company. Certification logos or badges are other ways to achieve this.

Option to Virtually Chat

A lot of people see picking up the phone to get ahold of customer service agents as time-consuming and frustrating. After waiting and waiting for a representative to get the answer to a simple question can easily turn customers away, which is why virtual chatting is becoming more and more popular. Giving visitors to your website the option to simply open up a chat bar can increase trust and make customers more comfortable with your brand.


We know it might be hard to believe that color has an impact on conversion rates, but the data speaks the truth. Companies have experienced higher conversion rates when they changed button colors to match their audience or vibe of their company. Something important to note: brown and orange are the least effective colors to use.

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