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5 Ways to Make Your Marketing Stand Out This Holiday Season

Holidays mood

It’s that time again… the holiday season. With the stress of buying gifts, hosting family, decorating the house, and much more weighing people down, the importance of marketing around this time is usually forgotten. However, it happens to be the time of year where marketing needs the most attention! Set some time aside to ensure that your company’s marketing strategy will be as strong as ever this holiday season.

1. Focus on value rather than discounts

We know, it’s an easy time to knock up and down prices on particular items because of the time of year, but don’t go into your marketing strategy with that mentality. It is important to remember that marketing is all about solving a problem on the consumers end, which means you need to capitalize on the value of your product offering rather than the price.

2. Create a sense of urgency for your customers

If your products are starting to run out, or you are only running a particular sale or promotion for a certain amount of time, make your customers aware of that! If you show them that they do indeed have a bit of a time crunch, they will be more likely to make moves. With this being said, don’t take it too far, stand by your marketing ethics!

3. Make sure you are using the right communication channels

As marketing continues to expand digitally and globally, we are given an endless amount of channel options in which we can deliver our core message to our consumers. The channel you choose will depend on your budget, timing, and many other things, but at the least you should focus on pursuing a particular audience that you think will find use and appreciate the goods or services you have to offer.

4. Take advantage of social media ads

With so many activities going on throughout the holiday season, people love to share what they’re up to on Facebook, Instagram, etc. You know what this means… more people checking their social media feeds that could potentially come across your ad! Platforms like Facebook make this very easy for marketers and advertisers, and they even tailor ads to your specific target market.

5. Get started now!

Don’t get stuck in the middle of the dreaded holiday rush. The sooner you can get your content and advertising done, the better. The last thing you want to do is unecissarily add to your budget and deal with the stress of consumers wondering if they will be able to get their product on time.

Consumer spending is continuting to increase, so take advantage of it! Make this holiday season the best it can be marketing wise. And remember, if you’re not feeling up for it, your Bare Bones Marketing Team is! Tis’ the season.

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