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The Rise of Video Marketing

A digital camera

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the marketing world, and we're here to tell you why and how. One of the biggest factors that goes into a buyer's decision-making process is risk. They want to purchase items that they feel comfortable with, and don't have much doubt about. Whether it's a product or service you are selling, videos allow a consumer to see right then and there what they are getting themselves into.

People don't like to take risk

For example, think about iPhones. People can be skeptical when new versions come out with new features, but when they watch a video showing how it all works and what all it has to offer, the risk of buying the product has immediately decreased.

Aside from the consumer perspective, video marketing is also quite simple and effective for marketers to carry out. They can create and post videos through multiple different platforms, and reach target audiences all around the world.

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