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Life Hacks for finding Motivation


Is it that time of year where you are in a little bit of a slump? Are you having a hard time getting inspired and putting yourself out there? Have no fear, your Bare Bones Marketing Team is here to provide you with a couple of ways to get you feeling motivated!

Find a quote

Quotes can go a long way. We know inspirational quotes can sometimes sound cheesy, but when you find a few that really resonate with you they can actually have a lot of power. Do some searching online, and find a positive quote that says something to you. Make it your screen saver or print it out and post it on your office wall!

Keep a journal

Are you finding yourself having a hard time meeting your goals in a timely manner? Writing in a journal, even if it's just once a week, allows you to pour out your feelings and look back on them at a later date. With this being said, limit how much time you are spending in your journal to make sure you are staying productive.

Read a book

As simple as this sounds, reading a book can really help motivate you in specific areas. Reading about the success of others and how they got there is a great lead. Some good books are the "... For Dummies" series because they specialize in certain tasks that you are needing to complete in a very approachable and easy-to-understand way.

Now take these hacks and apply them to your own life! We believe in you.

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