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Benefits of Bringing Pets to Work and increase productivity

A dog

Who wouldn't want to have their pet by their side at all times? As Austin continues to be one of the most dog-friendly environments in the US, an increasing number of Austin businesses are welcoming the idea of having furry friends roaming around in the office. Allowing pets in the office not only creates a sense of relaxation, but also allows employees to work longer hours because they aren't in a rush to get home and tend to their pets. Bathroom breaks for pets turn into brain breaks for employees, fostering productivity for when they come back into the office.

Less stress

The overall interaction with pets, especially in the workplace, has been proven to lower depression rates and create a unique environment where innovative thinking is encouraged. Pets have the power to naturally comfort their owners and their owners coworkers simply with the wag of a tail. When employees stress is relieved by the presence of their pets, morale and collaboration show instant improvement. Lastly, permitting and encouraging a pet-friendly environment is more likely to reel in your top candidates for each of your openings. Recently, millennials have been accepting job opportunities where they know their pets are welcomed.

If you're looking to make your local business stand out, this is something you could try implementing. Look out for accidents!

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