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Tips on How to be More Productive

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In this day and age, it’s hard to stop yourself from getting off task at work and searching the web or talking to coworkers. We get it, it’s hard to not log onto Facebook and scroll through endless memes or a watch video that pops up of a sloth and a kitten cuddling. However, there are some surprising things you can do to force yourself to be productive. Here are a few!

Take a cold shower before work

Taking a cold shower has been proven to provide you with many health benefits. It can boost your immune system, help with blood circulation, and produce feel-good endorphins. Plus, this can easily be done considering you have a shower in your very own house or apartment! Try it out.

Get your least favorite tasks done first

The majority of people are the most productive in the morning, so getting the tasks you are dreading done first thing will make sure they aren’t being dragged out in the afternoon. Once you get your least favorite task done in the morning, all of your other tasks won’t seem nearly as bad, resulting in a more productive day overall.

Decorate your workspace

The things that you are surrounded by often have a huge impact on your mood. Therefore, it’s important to add colors or decorations that you like around your workspace so that you feel more comfortable and relaxed. In particular, it is helpful to surround yourself with objects like diplomas or awards to make you feel accomplished and ready to work. To learn more about decorating your workspace to promote positive energy, check out one of our Feng Shui clients website:

Listen to relaxing music

Most of what you hear in the office consists of keyboards, chatter, and air conditioning. Try putting a pair of headphones in and listening to music of your choice. The best way to go about this is to listen to multiple types of music, and see which genre stimulates your mind the most.

Look at photos of baby animals

Sleeping dog

Believe it or not, looking at photos of baby animals will increase your caregiving impulses and put you in a better mood. In return, your productivity is enhanced, and you’re a lot more pleasant to be around! Although, this doesn’t mean that you can spend hours upon hours looking at pictures of baby kittens…

Next time you find yourself logging into Twitter at work or find yourself getting tired, give one of these tips a shot and see if it works. We believe in you!


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