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Coachella is a Marketer's Dream

At Bare Bones Marketing we appreciate having fun, good music, and the art of marketing. So does the world famous music festival Coachella! It is held in California and will begin April 14th this year. Where else would brands and marketers go to target millennials and trend followers alike, than one of the largest music festivals in the world?!

Katie Falkenberg, Los Angeles Times (1)

Every brand from alcoholic beverages, to clothing, to accessories, and even fitness programs show up at the festival each year to get noticed, and promote their products. Many of them will set up booths with free trials, cool picture backdrops, and water filling stations in the shade, while others may just create a geotag at the festival, or even host a huge after party with famous DJs (1). These are incredible ways to get the word out because as the festival goers are thinking of purchasing your products they are also taking pictures in front of your cool tent, your backdrop, or Snapchatting out your geofilter to hundreds or thousands of friends to see. With numbers of attendees and earnings of Coachella rising it is no surprise that the festival attracts large brands and adds to those brands every year.

Alternative life for people

Aside from different brands’ marketing at Coachella, Coachella’s marketing itself is incredible. Instead of Coachella appearing as just a huge concert to consumers Coachella has been able to establish an entire world of music with communities of people, and an alternative life for people to live for the weekend. Coachella has a great content marketing strategy. It almost works like a drip marketing campaign where the promoters slowly release information about pre-sale tickets, then a few of the big artists, then the official sale of tickets, and the rest of the artists are eventually released over time building suspense. Much of the content released before the festival as well as after the festival is placed strategically to create a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and build hype and retention for the next year’s festival (2). Not only does the content play a huge role, but how the content is conveyed to the users is very influential. The mediums used range from dozens of social media platforms, to commercials, to blogs, to celebrity endorsement, to word-of-mouth, and so on. All we can say here at Bare Bones Marketing is bravo to the marketing strategists in charge of Coachella.

Coachella is a marketer’s heaven. From being exposed to so many millennials, social media, and news outlets to observing the marketing of the event itself, Coachella is full of opportunities and inspiration. We are looking forward to what 2017 Coachella has in store for us this year!




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