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Tips for Taking Your Small Business Global

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Take Small, Effective Steps Towards Your Goal

It won’t happen overnight. Taking your business global doesn’t mean you have to jump fully into the global market. Instead, choose one international market to focus on first and then grow from there.

Attend Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way for you to both learn more about global markets and make new business relationships. If you’re in the beginning stages of running a business attend trade shows and take them as an opportunity to learn and network. And then once you’re ready to grow, tradeshows will give you the chance to meet agents and importers who can carry your products to new markets.

Travel to Your New Market

It will most likely become necessary for you to travel to new countries in order to meet with distributors or potential customers. In addition, consider traveling to trade shows in markets you want to grow towards. They can be beneficial for networking as well as educating you on the customer culture. Inquiry with trade organizations, as they offer trade show participation through their booth presence which results in significant savings for you.

Get to Know your New Clients

You will have to learn the customs and cultures of your new customers in order to successfully market your product to them. This means doing research about the culture and learning how to impact your transactions with them. It also never hurts to try and learn the native language as well as the customs. Another option is gaining a relationship with your agents or distributors to guide you in the right direction for your consumers.

Modify Your Marketing Efforts to Your New Consumers

When you’re expanding your customer base to a new market you’ll need to adjust your efforts to match the consumer. You’ll need to dedicate new resources to your targeting audience or try new marketing strategies specifically to your new consumers and their cultural interest. And don’t forget to have marketing material available in your target market’s language!

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